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Only 0.5% of people in Mexico earn more than USD$16 an hour
Peña Nieto's administration has agreed to U.S. conditions on NAFTA, which could lead to a crisis in the automotive industry
AMLO meets with U.S. officials to discuss trade and immigration
AMLO talked about his plans to reset U.S.-Mexico relations, focusing on trade, immigration, development, and security
 No vision of Mexico in the world
The international agenda has been left out of the presidential campaigns which shows a worrying insularity and an indifference towards the rest of the world
“Transnational criminal organizations don't care about borders or jurisdictions and their criminal acts cause deaths on both sides of the border”
The Republican presidential candidate vowed to force Canada and Mexico to renegotiate the NAFTA trade agreement with the U.S. if elected, as part of an effort to protect and restore American jobs.