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The Mexican wolf is no longer extinct
Although the first captive breeding works took place in the U.S., Mexico has worked hard to reintroduce the Mexican wolf into the wild in the Janos Biosphere Reserve in Chihuahua
6 Mexican wolf cubs born at Chapultepec Zoo
The cubs were born from a 7-year-old female called Seje, and a 5-year-old male called Rhi
6 Mexican wolf cubs born in Tamaulipas, Mexico
Though the wolf cubs were born on April 6 of the present year, the news was revealed on Thursday
3 Mexican wolf cubs are born in Mexico
This species was previously declared extinct
The Mexican Wolf has survived thanks to the efforts of both the Mexican and American governments but is still endangered
In the 70's the U.S. and Mexico launched a joint captive breeding program after only 5 known lobos remained in the wild.