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Unemployment rate affects highly educated Mexicans
The unemployed population in Mexico ascended to 2 million in the second trimester of the year, the highest level since the third semester of 2016
Highly educated Mexicans face harsh unemployment rate
In 2019, the number of unemployed people increased to 2 million people
UNAM, the most prominent university in Latin America according to UniRank
UniRank is an international higher education directory featuring reviews and rankings of over 13,600 Universities and Colleges in 200 countries
Securing academic excellence
The excesses some public universities were engaged in are widely known, therefore, they should offer certainty in regards to the use of public resources
Bankrupt universities
The current government plans to build 100 public universities all over the country, “with degrees consistent with the needs of each region, to give quality and free education to 64,000 students”