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Mexico's fuel reserves are at risk
In 2016, Mexico's oil reserves were enough for three days
Mexican President says plan to counter fuel theft saves MXN $12 billion
López Obrador closed six major pipelines where thieves & criminal gangs were siphoning off fuel as part of a plan launched in late December to tackle intensifying theft from state oil company Pemex
Cargo theft cost Pemex MXN$5.8 million in 2018
14 tanker trucks were stolen last year in the states of Chiapas, Puebla, Michoacán, and Guanajuato
Mexico recovers MXN$34 million worth of stolen fuel
The state oil company Pemex discovered that the most-stolen types of fuel were gasoline and diesel
Against fuel theft
Mexico has a unique opportunity to banish fuel theft, but if those responsible aren't punished, it can't be said that the strategy was effective
Mexico spends USD $85 million on tank trucks
President López Obrador announced the purchase and said the government plans to purchase 707 tank trucks to stabilize the fuel supply in the country
The war against fuel theft
The decision to close the fuel pipelines caused the economic strangulation of people and companies in at least 10 states
More than 66 people killed in Mexican pipeline explosion
At least 66 people were killed after a pipeline ruptured by alleged fuel thieves exploded in Mexico
Losses estimated at MXN$18 billion due to Mexico’s fuel shortage
The Mexican Employers Association claimed that the fight against fuel theft would yield good results
Oxford Analytica: "Education is key to fighting fuel theft in Mexico"
Oxford Analytica claimed that the closing of Pemex pipelines is an "unsustainable strategy"