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Massimo Bottura helps impoverished communities in Mexico
Massimo Bottura is the founder and owner of Osteria Francescana, the best restaurant in the world
Mexican develops app to reduce food waste
The new Ecubi platform developed by an Unitec graduate could help reduce food waste by 50 percent
UNAM students create geothermal food dehydrator
It is possible to extend the lifetime of the products through the dehydration process, which is also friendly to the environment while giving new use to geothermal energy
World's #1 chef to host charity dinner in Mexico
World-renowned chef, Massimo Bottura, has teamed up with the UN to educate people on food waste
María Sánchez scavenges for food in the improvised dumpsters outside Mexico City's Central de Abasto
Don't throw it away! Find out how you can reuse "food waste"
Mexico throws away 20 million tons of food each year; we could feed 7.3 million of people living in extreme poverty conditions instead
It is estimated that 72% of food waste is generated in the first links of the production chain, from pre-harvest to distribution while the remaining 28% is generated when the food reaches both retailers and consumers