INE officials still make more than the President
Around 100 INE officials have gained temporary or definitive provisions for 'amparo' appeals against the Federal Remunerations Law
Austerity reaches Mexican bureaucrats at all levels
As of 2019, temporary government staff will not be entitled to the same employee benefits as regular workers
Mexican diplomats complain about high living expenses
The Federal Law of Remunerations for Public Servants might jeopardize Mexican diplomats' stay abroad
Ministers, lower your salaries or we will
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Understanding & dialogue: the only path
The tension between the Union's powers grows every day, as a result of the disagreements between the Executive and Legislative branches and the Judicial branch because of the Federal Remunerations Law
Government officials file numerous appeals against wage cuts in Mexico
Over a thousand government bureaucrats have filed appeals against Morena's Federal Remunerations Law