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Michoacán’s escalating violence: 24 bodies found in clandestine grave
In recent years, Michoacán has emerged as one of Mexico's most violent states
Mass grave in Jalisco: At least 29 bodies found in plastic bags
A total of 119 plastic bags with human remains were found in a well in Zapopan, Jalisco. The investigation is still in progress, however, four bodies have already been identified
Over 3,000 clandestine graves found in Mexico
From 2006 to August 14, 2019, 3,024 clandestine graves and 4,874 bodies have been found in Mexico
Mexico finds 222 clandestine graves and 337 bodies in 5 months
The list Encinas provided did not seem to include the 38 bodies recently found in Guadalajara
Two more mass graves found in the city of Guadalajara
When family members whose loved ones are missing heard the news, they contacted the authorities in hopes of finding their family member
The grisly discoveries came in the municipality of Zitlala, where a drug gang had set up a rural camp where it held kidnap victims and disposed of its victims' bodies