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U.S. dismisses lawsuit over shooting of Mexican teen slain by Border Patrol agent
The U.S. Supreme Court barred a lawsuit against the Border Patrol agent, refusing to open the door for foreign nationals to pursue civil rights cases in American courts in such incidents
Mexico to support Guatemala with USD $30 million to tackle migration
López Obrador has defended the cooperation between Central American countries to generate development and reduce migration and has already committed to similar donations for El Salvador and Honduras
Mexico to tackle corruption in customs and ports
The SAT filed 7 lawsuits against employees linked to arms, ammunition, and money trafficking
Mexico and the U.S. brought together through seesaws
Children and adults from both parts of the border participated in the game
Death toll on the Mexico-U.S. border
The majority of the victims were small children
European experts warn against militarization of Mexico’s southern border
The European Commission claims that the conditions causing the migration crisis still persist
Mexico and the U.S. will review migration measures in 45 days
On Friday, Mexico and the United States struck a deal to avert a tariff war
Donald Trump supporters build the first private border wall
We Build the Wall has raised over USD $22 million through its GoFundMe campaign
U.S. cuts USD $1.5 billion to Afghan forces to fund border wall
Democrats could retaliate by putting new restrictions on the Pentagon’s authority to transfer money to other programs
Delays at US-Mexico border cause multi-million dollar losses for both countries
The U.S. Congress will not ratify the USMCA until Mexico issues a labor reform, which could be approved before May 1