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The Mexican government spent $10 million on a parade
A report details the cost of the parade to celebrate the 109th anniversary of the Mexican revolution
Without surveillance, illegal fishing of totoaba is on the rise
Sea Shepherd activists reported nearly 80 small fishing boats with nets full of totoaba in the port of San Felipe, Baja California
Mexican government cuts its budget for special education schools
The physical education budget is almost 3 times higher than what was allocated to special education
Calderón and Peña Nieto spent $675 million on planes and helicopters
Mexico hasn't been able to sell the presidential plane because it is too extravagant and luxurious
People with disabilities deserve education
The current administration claims to be inclusive, yet it considers closing special-needs schools
The sale of the presidential plane will provide safe drinking water to rural communities
In this rural town, people are provided with drinking water every 20 days
Irregularities at the INE
In times of austerity, the strict scrutiny of public offices is required
Economic stagnation in Mexico
Mexico urgently needs to boost the job market
The Lower Chamber spent over $260K on umbrellas
The Lower Chamber has paid thousands more to the same company
Is the President at risk?
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