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Santa Lucía International Airport to operate in 2021
Despite the legal hurdles that paralyzed the project, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the construction of the new airport would start this Thursday
Santa Lucía: The legal dispute continues
The Santa Lucía airport has been disputed in court for months
Emirates Airline’s Mexico City flight suspended
The Arab airline was planning to fly daily from Mexico City to Dubai via Barcelona starting on December
How to travel to Mexico with your pet
If you are traveling to Mexico with your pet, this is what you will need to do
Mexico tourism affected by USD $23 million after Thomas Cook collapse
On Monday, the collapse of the world’s oldest travel firm Thomas Cook left hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers stranded. The liquidation marks the end of a British company that started in 1841 running local rail excursions and grew to pioneer the family package holiday
The new Mexico City airport could affect water supply in Indigenous communities
The President canceled the USD $13 billion airport through a non-binding referendum
The costly renovation of Mexico City International Airport
Mexico’s government is planning to invest MXN $3.5 billion for the maintenance of both terminals of the AICM
Mexico to tackle corruption in customs and ports
The SAT filed 7 lawsuits against employees linked to arms, ammunition, and money trafficking
Still not defined whether Mexibus will connect airports
Authorities are working on the reference terms and technical annexes for the bidding of the feasibility studies that will determine the best connectivity option
Conagua to invest MXN $221 million to rescue Lake Texcoco
There will be biddings among specialized companies for 44 feasibility studies for the rehabilitation and rescue of Lake Texcoco