Will the PAN forgive Marko Cortés for its historical defeat?

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Will the PAN forgive Marko Cortés for its historical defeat?
Marko Cortés, the national PAN leader - Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes García/EL UNIVERSAL
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Will the PAN forgive Marko Cortés for its historical defeat?
A question is being asked among PAN members. Will the party forgive its president for its losses in the Puebla and Baja California elections? Some of them say that although Marko Cortés had to swim against the current by leading a country that was defeated by Morena during the 2018 presidential election, he did very little to prevent the PAN from losing Baja California, a state the PAN had governed for 30 years. The advantage obtained by Morena in this state leads several PAN members to think that Cortés couldn't or didn't want to get involved. Last night, Cortés was boasting about winning Durango and Aguascalientes but the truth is several party members witnessed how they were stripped of two of their most important states. Will they forgive Cortés?

The PRI supports Dos Bocas refinery

We've been told that yesterday, during the start of the construction of the Dos Bocas oil-refinery in Tabasco, there was a special guest. Soraya Pérez, from the PRI, who previously criticized the construction of the new Pemex oil refinery. Now it turns out that the PRI lawmaker was there because she considers that the people of Tabasco believe in the project and because the refinery will reactivate the economy in the state. She said that the project should follow the low but emphasized that people of Tabasco are “full of hope.” Despite this “hope,” the PRI member vowed to monitor the project.

Union leader to fight ISSSTE

Union leader Carlos Alberto Hernández Nieto has been very active in recent weeks, solving the issues in regards to trusted employees at the ISSSTE, since the institution is looking to fire thousands of public servants. We've been told that the leader of the Independent Union of ISSSTE Workers asked that none of its members, 6,600 people, accepts or signs their resignation, under no circumstance. We've been told that until now. We've been told that regional and state delegates were asked to resign but they haven't yet. Hernández Nieto won't hesitate and could even occupy offices to fight for his colleagues. Will they reach an agreement with the ISSSTE?

Transplant patients are at risk 

The health sector is in trouble once again because even when World Transplant Day is celebrated on June 6, patients who received transplants but the IMSS, ISSSTE, and public health hospitals don't have immunosuppressive drugs required by those who received a kidney transplant. Those drugs are key for the patients, nevertheless, since late March, they haven't received the drug. So far, the patients have launched an online petition to demand the medicines; they argue that receiving a transplant is not easy and they have to go through long treatments and can't just give up their medicines. What is the Health Minister, Jorge Alcocer, doing to solve this?


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