Reinventing a country or state every six years is expensive because millions of resources are needed to do so. Moreover, there is a risk of terminating valuable programs which have met their objectives without even analyzing their suitability,

Changing administration in the states of Mexico should be an opportunity to improve what has been done right and discard or modify ineffective policies. However, during a recount performed by EL UNIVERSAL in 14 states which have changed administration in 2017, we've found insecurity worsened when compared to the previous administration.

In states such as Quintana Roo , the number of first and second-degree murders more than doubled during January-October 2017 regarding the figures reported for the same period in 2016. Nayarit and Aguascalientes are under similar circumstances; deaths caused by criminal acts have virtually doubled.


is the only state, out of the 14 analyzed, which showed a decrease in homicides by 5%, yet, in crimes such as thefts, robberies, and extortion, statistics show the numbers have gone up compared to those reported during the previous administration.

State administrations tend to evade the situation during their speeches and interviews, to deny the data and blame their predecessors or Federal institutions – even the criminal justice system – instead of accepting the trends shown in crime rates.

It's true many of the crimes fall within the Federal jurisdiction, reason why fighting violence isn't the sole responsibility of the states. Citizens need to see a coordination between local and federal governments, not only accusations flying around regarding the faults of each government level. Both must assume their responsibilities: local governments by providing more training to their police force and the Federation by providing the resources and consolidating databases such as the Mexico Platform.

It's a priority to acknowledge results aren't what they should be and that we need to include social organizations in the elaboration of programs, so they can evaluate progress and point out pending matters. Insecurity needs the engagement of society.

During campaigns, we listen to promises that all the problems in the states will be solved in weeks or months but reality turns against the recently elected governors. There are 14 states in this situation and they are on time to rectify and change their course.


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