In a video posted to social media, leader José Antonio Yépez Ortiz , aka “El Marro,” is heard saying he was responsible for the killing of three police officers in Silao , Guanajuato on Monday, after they set up a checkpoint and stopped the vehicle where his mother was traveling in after she was released from prison.

In the expletive-filled video, says that what the police officers didn’t know is that his mother has already been transferred to another vehicle before reaching the checkpoint .

In the video, El Marro says that police officers who collaborate with authorities will also be murdered. He also threatened to attack police officers in Silao and León , who he claims are working for the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.


A group of gunmen killed three municipal police officers and wounded others on Monday. Two weeks ago, three officers were murdered in the same city.

After the attack, local police officers refused to return to the streets and said criminals organizations have better equipment than them.

In 2020, criminal organizations have killed at least eight police officers in Silao, .

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