Former Presidents are allegedly linked to money laundering case

Lawyer Juan Collado is being accused of money laundering and organized crime

Two former Presidents are allegedly linked to money laundering case
Former Presidents Peña Nieto and Salinas were accused of being the owners of a company used to launder money - Photo: Peña Nieto: Juan Carlos Reyes García/EL UNIVERSAL; Carlos Salinas: Lucia Godínez/EL UNIVERSAL
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Former Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Carlos Salinas de Gortari, have been linked Juan Collado, who was accused with money laundering and organized crime by the Attorney General's Office.

Businessman Sergio Hugo Bustamante Figueroa filed a lawsuit against Collado and four other people for money laundering through the illegal sale-purchase of his property. He also told the Financial Intelligence Unit that Enrique Peña Nieto and Carlos Salinas de Gortari, governor Francisco Domínguez Servien, and Mauricio Kuri, are in fact, the real owners of Libertad Servicios Financieros, S. A. de C. V., the company that sold a property owned by Operadora Inmuebles del Centro, S. A. de C. V. for MXN $156 million in April 2015.

Bustamante has declared that he was a partner at Operadora Inmuebles del Centro and that he owned 50% of the shares but that he was robbed of his shares when they were sold and the company granted someone else powers of attorney to carry out the sale of the property in Querétaro.

Bustamante claims Collado received MXN $24 million for the sale. He also said he was informed that Collado and Javier Rodríguez Borgio obtained another MXN $20 million from the sale and used the money to finance Domínguez Servien's electoral campaign.

Bustamante explains that Collado is or was the president of Caja Libertad Servicios Financieros' Administrative Board, therefore, he was able to implement any actions and transactions.

In an interview with journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva, Mauricio Kuri, the PAN's coordinator in the Senate, admitted that he was a counselor at Libertad Servicios Financieros, also known as Caja Libertad:

“It is unfounded to say that I am the owner of Caja Libertad Servicios Financieros. I was invited to be a counselor, as in any other company, and I didn't obtain any economic benefit,” said Senator Kuri.

In 2015, when Francisco Domínguez was a Senator, he was accused of diverting resources from Caja Libertad, in order to benefit José Antonio Rico, the former president of the company.

Domínguez Servién, the governor of Querétaro, denied being linked to irregularities and said he would file charges against Sergio Hugo Bustamante Figueroa.

A dubious company

Caja Popular Libertad was created 58 years ago and has been involved in several money laundering cases. It currently operates under the People's Finance Corporation scheme, registered under the “Libertad, Financial Services” name.

In March 2014, the former head of the National Banking and Securities Commission, Jaime González Aguadé, informed that after Martín Díaz, who lead the company back then, was linked to irregularities, the Commission had inspected the company and found no evidence of suspicious operations linked to money laundering.

In 2015. Caja Libertad was accused of irregular operations perpetrated in collaboration with Oceanografía, the company that defrauded Citi Banamex for USD $400 million.

After being accused of money laundering, Martín Díaz, who also worked at Oceanografía as financial chief, left Caja Libertad and was also investigated by the National Banking and Securities Commission.

Currently, Caja Libertad has 193 branches and has over 2 million clients in 23 states.

Earlier today, it was announced that Collado he will resign as the president of the Administrative Board at Caja Libertad until his legal situation is clear.


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