Is there a feud between López Obrador and Carlos Slim?

During the second day of his tour in the western part of the country, yesterday President López Obrador said something that could bother his friend Carlos Slim . First, at El Nayar, the President announced that he will create a state-owned company to provide internet service to marginalized areas in the country, which was interpreted as competing against Slim . Yesterday, at Bahía de Banderas, the President said that he would talk to the concessionaires who haven't been able to finish the construction of the Jala-Puerto Vallarta highway , which happens to be under Grupo Carso , a construction company owned by Slim and said that if they don't finish it, he will cancel the concession. A couple of messages for the Mexican tycoon. Will Slim answer?

The President is impatient

On Saturday, the President criticized the delays in the census of beneficiaries of his social programs during his visit at El Nayar and yesterday, at Bahía de Banderas, the Well-being Deputy Secretary Ariadna Montiel noticed the comments made by the President the previous day and she herself used a notebook to write down the information of the elderly who were present at the event. The g overnment official wrote down names, asked them if they were receiving the financial aid , or whether they had any requests. Nevertheless, we've been told that she is perhaps the most expensive pollster in the country and that the one in charge of this census is Manuel Peraza, who seems to ignore how valuable are these policies for the new government , especially for his boss.

The PRD upsets HIV patients

After the PRD announced it would file a collective protection measure so that HIV patients who are beneficiaries of the Seguro Popular are guaranteed their medicines , we've been told that the patients themselves aren't happy with this action. The patients are upset because they don't want to be used for political purposes or for political partie s to use their fight to gain sympathy among society . Patients and civil society organizations said they will monitor the situation and raise their voices every time it's necessary without becoming a political bait . So the PRD can't catch a break, first, it was punished by voters and almost disappeared and not it's upsetting society again.

The education reform needs more work

We've been told that after celebrating the passing of the education reform bill, federal lawmakers are still worried about an issue. We've been told that now that they have to discuss the secondary laws of the bill, which have to be approved in the next four months. So far, only two local congresses have approved it, while 17 congresses need to approve it to make it official. Yesterday, Mario Delgado, Morena's leader in the lower chamber, announced the new laws will be ready on August , in time for the next school year. Nevertheless, the SEP said that its Organic Law will be created in place of the INEE and the Career System for Teachers will be put up for a referendum. Will they have enough time?


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