Is there an alliance between Morena and the PRI?

We've been told that the opposition parties criticized the PRI for not attending the meeting at the Justice Commission in the Senate , where the appointment of the head if the Attorney General Office was discussed. Some legislators think their absence could be a sign that indicates that PRI will vote in favor of the candidate proposed by President López Obrador . We've been told that this decision, as well as other signs, could indicate that there is an alliance they have named as the “ PRIMor ”, because at the end of the day, it would be beneficial for the PRI to be friendly with the new Attorney General , just in case.

Ambassadors play domino

After a tradition was broken, as the President had lunch with the Mexican ambassadors , which closed the annual meeting between ambassadors and consuls but it wasn't the case this year. So the diplomats relaxed and decided to have fun before leaving the country. We've been told that after not having lunch with the President , some diplomats went to a traditional located in Mexico City's historic center , while others played domino .

In defense of the unemployed

The thousands of employees fired from public departments have someone from the PRD on their side. The PRD deputy, Verónica Juárez asked the federal government to respect the workers' rights and end with any action that could violate the rights of the public employees . Also, besides the dismissals at the SAT , there are more firings at the Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Well-being, Economy, Communications and Transports, Tourism, Work and Social Security, Energy, Environment, and Public Service, INBA, Conagua, Condusef, CRE, Bancomext, and Fepade . But the deputy forgot about those fired from the PRD , who weren't casual workers but unionized employees, party members , and even the f ounders of this party, who have been fired. The public servant should start by helping those who were fired from her party.

What's the purpose of the army?

During the second day of the audiences to discuss the National Guard , the Nezahualcóyotl mayor, Juan Hugo de la Rosa (PRD) , remembered Mariano Otero by saying that the army “is trained to eliminate the enemy , and the police is trained to protect the lives of Mexicans ,” which was refuted by Javier Hidalgo, from Morena . Javier Hidalgo argued that “the Mexican army doesn't have that history ” and hasn't fought against enemies “for centuries”. “The Mexican army is used to looking after the Mexican people , that's its culture,” he said. Oh well, sorry for making up that the 201 Squad fought during the WWII , in 1945.


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