Styler: A Mexican dating app for fashion lovers

The new Mexican dating app, Styler, uses an algorithm for users to meet based on their clothing style

Styler: The Mexican dating app for fashion lovers
In order to “match” with someone, or rule out certain people, users may slide left or right - Photo: Taken from Styler's personal website
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The Styler dating app is now available for iOS and Android systems throughout the country. To create an account, users only need to enter their email or Facebook profile. Afterwards, the user must share personal data, clothing brand preference, style, and fashion icons. A visual guide is available through the app to help users know which sector of the fashion industry they belong to, and which sector they want to target for dating.

The app allows users to meet at specific places and events such as concerts, museums, and movie theaters. In order to “match” with someone, or rule out certain people, users may slide left or right. There are 10 different style tribes available in the app, some of which are “Modern,” “Boho Chic,” “Hipster,” “Casual,” “Fashionista,” “Rockstar,” “Streetwear,” “Vintage,” and “Emo.”

Finding a couple is not always simple, and though there are many digital platforms attempting to bring people together, not all of them have an option to filter candidates according to specific traits. This is why Styler is the first dating app which, besides bringing people together by their age, sexual preference, and proximity, it uses an algorithm for users to meet people who share the same style of clothing. For instance: Hipsters, rockers, or goths.

“Our goal is to get the attention of people who like a specific clothing style, although the app is not limited by this feature,” stated one of the developers, adding that they had decided to include 10 styles or tribes so that all users could find their match.

The start-up company launched the app in London by September 2018. Afterward, their plan is to launch the app in some of the world’s best-known fashion capitals, including Paris, Milan, New York, Madrid, and Tokyo.

Find out more about this app on Styler’s official website.


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