The President reprimanded Governors

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The President reprimanded Governors
Governors have been arbitrarily requesting money - Photo: Edgard Garrido/REUTERS
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The President reprimanded Governors

We've been told that yesterday, the President reprimanded the governors during a meeting with the National Security Council. President López Obrador expressed his anger, after the governors who have been requesting money from the Natural Disasters Fund when they don't need it. During the meeting, the President warned that all the resources will be audited because some governors were profiting from a tragedy or benefited companies by quickly declaring disasters zones and allocating direct contracts. And although President López Obrador didn't mention any names, the purpose was to push certain governors to think twice before requesting this type of aid now that the hurricane season is around the corner.

Batres wants to lead the Senate again

Martí Batres is the only senator who has publicly expressed his desire to lead the Senate and he's not planning to back down. The Morena senator wants to lead the Senate for another year and his team considers he has enough support in both the public and private sectors. Nevertheless, we've been that that a fraction in Morena will support a woman in the name of gender equality and no matter if she is from another party but this is quite unlikely since Morena has the parliamentary majority. The point is Batres is a contender and his supporters are working so that he is included among female contenders.

PRD: Renew or die

The PRD party is starting to work on the refounding of the party in the face of a desolating panorama for the political party. We've been told that yesterday, the PRD leadership decided that the National Council will meet this weekend and call for a National Congress in August, where they will discuss and eventually approve the addition of political forces into the party, the one led by Gabriel Quadri among them, and define if it will become a new party. National leaders said that its new platform, Futuro 21, will be the starting point to achieve the survival of the PRD. Some party members agree that is the party is not refound, the party will disappear.

López Obrador has yet to complain

President López Obrador is running out of time to tell his complaints to Arturo Zaldívar, the president of the Supreme Court. On Friday, the court will officially be on vacations and will return until August so the letter the President will send to Zaldívar could be delivered until next month. So far, the Court hasn't received any complaints in regards to judges that grant amparos and that according to the President, do it arbitrarily.


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