Polish auto companies want to invest in Mexico

Polish investors have seen a window of opportunity in Mexico for automotive manufacturing

Polish auto companies want to invest in Mexico
"For Polish auto parts manufacturers and investors, Mexico is a strategic partner and a window to the automotive world," stated Mielecki - Photo: Andy Rain/EL UNIVERSAL
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For Polish autoparts companies, Mexico remains a strategic destination for investment, and is even considered a window of opportunity for automotive manufacturing, said the CEO of the Polish Automotive Group, Bartosz Mielecki.

During the press conference offered by the Polish Trade and Investment Agency, within the framework of the INA Paace Automechanika Expo, he explained that, although there is still no date to continue the process of renegotiation of the trade agreement with the United States and Canada, Polish companies perceive Mexico as a "site with excellent potential."

"For Polish auto parts manufacturers and investors, Mexico is a strategic partner and a window to the automotive world. There are many business and investment opportunities in areas such as accessories and spare parts for cars, passenger trucks, and buses, as well as stamping and machining, among others," he said.

In this sense, the manager mentioned that Polish automotive companies such as Boryszew Group, Maflow, Bury, Sanok Rubber, and Tip-Topol already have plants in Mexico or are about to install them, while Mexican companies such as Nemak or Katcon, have been operating in Poland for a few years.

In face of this, he emphasized that Poland’s automotive industry represents a key piece to conquer the Mexican market and increase the bilateral exchange between both countries.

For her part, the general director of the Polish Trade and Investment Agency, Patrycja Staszewska, said that Poland had ranked Mexico as one of its five priority markets outside Europe in terms of economy, regional leadership, extensive domestic market, and geographical location.

"Mexico is not only the gateway to the markets of North and Latin America, but also a very attractive partner for Polish businessmen, as it has a very dynamic automotive industry with a great demand for the supply of products and services, as well as an internal market with great potential. Mexico is considered an important destination for trade and investment," she said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Political Affairs and Press of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Mexico, Pawel Wozny, reported that, in 2017 the total trade exchange between the two countries totaled 1,254 million dollars.

Poland exported to Mexico a value of 675.5 million dollars, while Mexican exports to that country represented 679.1 million dollars.

"Mexico is one of the main trading partners of Poland in Latin America and the largest importer of Polish merchandise," he said.


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