Peña Nieto and Meade knew about the irregularities: Rosario Robles

After the 12-hour-hearing, the judge decided Robles should remain in custody

Peña Nieto and Meade knew about the irregularities: Rosario Robles
The former minister is currently in prison - Photo: Isaac Esquivel/CUARTOSCURO.COM
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The judge who put Rosario Robles in custody suggested that the possible collusion of the former President Enrique Peña Nieto and the former Sedesol minister, José Antonio Meade, should be investigated.

Before Rosaro Robles was bound over to trial for the alleged improper exercise of public service while she was a minister at the Sedesol and Sedatu, the judge considered that if Peña Nieto had been informed about the fund diversion at the ministries, he should also be investigated.

“If written warning to Peña Nieto exists and you didn't present them, you are covering up the former President, therefore, it should be cleared in Peña Nieto is involved and if he (participated) or not,” said the judge.

This statement came after the Attorney General's Office said that Robles knew about the irregularities but that she didn't act to prevent the frauds nor did she informed former President Peña Nieto.

Robles' legal team argued that the official did notify Peña Nieto about the irregularities.

“I did tell former President Peña Nieto through the red line (telephone). The form of communication was through the federal network and cabinet meetings,” said Robles.

Nevertheless, Robles' defense observed that her legal team did not present any document to prove her argument and if she had notified the former President through a written document and she failed to present those documents before the FGR, then Robles would be covering up Peña Nieto.

Moreover, Robles' lawyers also tried to prove her innocence that she had also informed José Antonio Meade about the observations made by the federal auditor.

She summoned Robles' legal team to deliver a certified copy of the documents before August 16, so that authorities can determine if Meade will also be investigated for not fulfilling his duty as the Sedesol minister.


After the 12-hour-hearing, the judge decided Robles should remain in custody because she could not prove that she had a strong reason to remain in Mexico City as she is unemployed and it is unknown id she actually resides in the city.

Today, during his regular news conference, President López Obrador said there was no open investigation against his predecessor, Enrique Peñaa Nieto while discussing a probe that has ensnared one of Peña Nieto’s former cabinet ministers.

On Tuesday, a judge ordered that former minister Rosario Robles be detained pending a trial over a suspected fraud. López Obrador said judges would decide whether more people were implicated.

After offering some general reflections on the Robles case, López Obrador was asked by a reporter whether there was any sign of an investigation against Peña Nieto, and he replied: “No, there isn’t.”


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