Is MORENA tempting the PRD leader?

The one who didn't deny at all the possibility of joining the project of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was the coordinator of the group of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) in the Lower Chamber, Francisco Martínez Neri . The same politician who kindly greets Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas and claims he wouldn't stick his neck out for no one when asked about Ricardo Anaya, has denied the stories running rampant early this week about him leaving the PRD to join the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) but then he said that if he were to make that decision, he would make it public before gossip spreads. It seems the PRD gets to keep one of its leaders for now...but for how long?

“The Grandson of the Disobedient Son”

“Wooow!” exclaimed Margarita Zavala, independent presidential candidate, when the bus she will use for her proselytizing tours arrived at her headquarters. However, she seems unable to decide how to name it. Some have reminded her of the bus her husband, Felipe Calderón , used for the 2006 election, which he baptized “ The Disobedient Son ” – in open reference to Calderón not being the favorite of the then-President of Mexico Vicente Fox . Mrs. Margarita traveled several hours on this bus, all the way to Altamirano City, in Guerrero, where she bought bread, water, and soda for the security agents and drivers of her team. Will she call it “ The Grandson of the Disobedient Son?”

Pulling the brakes on the “buddy commissioner”

The coordinator of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) in the Senate, Luis Sánchez , has been talking to his counterpart of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), Fernando Herrera , to reactivate the Legislative Front of the opposition parties. We're told that Mr. Luis said his group will back the PAN so that, during the election process of the two new commissioners of the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI), the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) doesn't fall into temptation to appoint one of their “sympathizers” – as was the case of the controversial former commissioner Ximena Puente de la Mora . The PRD member, according to our sources, sent a very clear message: the groups shall ensure that those arriving at the INAI do so by their own merits, career, experience, and professionalism and not because “they owe it to a party.” Naturally, and just in case, there should be some assurances that the appointed commissioner doesn't feel like they owe their job to the PRD or the PAN, and prevent a “buddy commissioner.”

Court's ruling, a setback for Corral

The ruling issued by the Supreme Court of Justice yesterday, unanimously ordering the removal of the current president of the Superior Court of Chihuahua, Julio César Jiménez , was seen as a harsh setback for the Governor of the state, Javier Corral , whose political adversaries claim had a strong ally in Mr. Julio César. During the meeting of the Court's plenum, the ministers unanimously ruled their agreement with the institutionalism claim regarding a section of the Organic Law of the Judicial Branch in Chihuahua. This section was included in the Law as part of the reforms to the Judicial Branch published in November 2016 and backed by Governor Javier Corral. The ministers voted unanimously in favor of the project of Minister Alberto Pérez, who decided this precept goes against the Constitution, reason why the election of Jiménez – taking place after the reform entered into full force and effect – is also invalid. And now Jiménez Castro has to leave his position and a new appointment will have to take place.


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