Mexico has brought 8,000 Mexicans home 

We’ve been told that amid the pandemic , not everything is bad news. According to the number released by the Foreign Ministry , it has been able to bring around 8,000 Mexicans home, who were stranded abroad as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However many other Mexicans are still stranded because they countries were they are have imposed strict lockdowns , closed airports , as well as the declaration of phase 3 ; all this makes it impossible for many of them to return to Mexico. Despite this, the number of Mexicans repatriated is quite large in contrast with other countries and it’s even higher than in the U.S.


Elba Esther had surgery

Those close to Elba Esther Gordillo were taken by surprise by a health scare but the situation had a happy ending. We’ve been told that she follow the instruction to stay inside amid the COVID-19 pandemic and rented a suite in a luxury hotel in Acapulco . Suddenly, she felt ill and her family got her on a private flight to Mexico City. Once she arrived in the city, Elba Esther has surgery and she is now recovering.


The USMCA won’t be implemented in June

We’ve been told that it’s impossible the USMCA will be implemented on June 1, as it was expected. We’ve been told that this is not possible because the trade deal can only be implemented when each of the three countries notifies the other two that it had fulfilled the necessary procedures and it’s ready to make forward with the implementation of the treaty. This means that if the three countries notify each other in April, the implementation would take place on July 1. Although Senator Claudia Ruiz Massieu is set to handle the delay, we’ve been told that very little can be done at this point, moreover, federal authorities, coordinated by the Finance Ministry , are handling the issue.


Changes at the INE

Yesterday, 4 INE counselors left the institution, including Marco Antonio Baños and Benito Nacif, who worked at the INE for over a decade. Pamela San Martín and Enrique Andrade also left. As a result of COVID-19 , their last decision was to delay the elections in Coahuila and Hidalgo . However, the health emergency also delayed the appointment of new counselors until further notice. Although some wonder if the INE will continue to be independent and impartial.



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