Mexico City: Kidnaps are on the rise

Norberto Ronquillo's case highlights the authorities' inability to prevent and halt crime

Mexico City: Kidnaps are on the rise
Norberto Ronquillo was abducted and his body was found over the weekend - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Kidnaps cause scorn among society because it deepens the perception of vulnerability and that anyone could be the next victim. Society always demands the longest sentences for those who perpetrate this crime and has even demanded the death penalty.

In light of this crime, authorities are helpless. For years, even decades, the country has witnessed hundreds of unresolved kidnaps. Politicians, business leaders, women, men, students, elderly, youths, famous people, private individuals...they all have been the victims of unlawful deprivation of liberty. Many were freed, but many weren't.

According to information from several civil society organizations, kidnaps have been on the rise in Mexico City in the last months. One of the most recent tragedies was the abduction of a university student. His lifeless body was found on Sunday, after going missing on June 4 when he left campus. The protests and demands made by his family and classmates weren't enough to find him safe and alive.

Authorities don't rule out wrongful actions from their elements as it has been claimed that there were omissions after his family members reported the kidnap.

Norberto Ronquillo's family and the family members of those who have been kidnapped can no longer be told to report the disappearance hours later because otherwise it won't be deemed as a crime and won't be investigated. All victims demand is the immediate support from authorities, whose obligation is to offer support, investigate, and solve the cases.

In the case of Norberto Ronquillo, the local Attorney General claims there will be no impunity. That is what society has always demanded for these crimes but why do authorities pledge to clear the case only when public opinion puts pressure on them?

It seems outrageous that criminal organizations perpetrated so many crimes in a city that has invested millions in security, control centers, over 15,000 surveillance cameras and other 6,000 inside the subway system. The infrastructure to fight crime could be stronger but if authorities don't commit to fighting crime, the means, tools, and strategies will be useless.


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