Mexican woman is accused of terrorism in Spain

The woman is being accused of being a member of Jihad

Mexican woman is accused of terrorism in Spain
Ana Marilú Reyna and her husband Aziz Zaghanane - Photo: Paco Campos/AP
English 13/06/2019 16:15 EFE Mexico City Actualizada 16:21
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Ana Marilú Reyna, a Mexican woman, is being accused of Jihadism in a Spanish tribunal but she denied any links to terrorist groups or any involvement in violent actions.

During the trial, Reyna said she was “against all the terrorist acts,” who denies celebrating Jihadism online.

The Prosecutor accuses her husband, Aziz Zaghanane, of indoctrinating other people and she is accused of celebrating terrorism online.

The couple had been tried in 2018 and sentenced to one and a half and six years in jail but their trial is being repeated after the accusations against them were made by other Islam members who have reached an agreement with the Prosecutor.

According to the Public Prosecutor, since late 2013 and until May 2016, the couple were trying to create an Islamic group to indoctrinate them and force them to join the Islamic State.

Nevertheless, the couple argues that they only engaged in discussing news and events linked to Islam and the war in Syria and that they always rejected the violence and ideas implemented by the Islamic State,



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