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Mexican flowers will sweep you up your feet
Flower arrangements at the Jamaica market - Photo: Gretel Morales/EL UNIVERSAL in English

Mexican flowers will sweep you up your feet

EL UNIVERSAL in English/Gretel Morales
Mexico City
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Here you can find roses, tulips, orchids, and hundreds of other flowers at great prices

The Jamaica market, located in Mexico City, opened over 60 years ago and has over 1,100 stalls.

The market is famous for offering fresh produce, meat, clothes, groceries, Christmas trees, but its famous for its beautiful flowers.

In this market, you can find roses, tulips, orchids, and hundreds of other flowers at great prices.

The flowers mostly come from the Tenancingo and Villa Guerrero, in the state of Mexico; Cholula in Puebla, and Cuautepec in Veracruz.

But other florists produce the flowers themselves and sell them at the market, creating family businesses.

Mexico, famous for its wide variety of flowers and plants, has an ancient trade tradition, which would later evolve into markets, unfortunately, supermarkets and grocery stores have taken over the economy; nevertheless, there's no better place to buy flowers than the Jamaica Market.

The best date for florists and producers are the Day of the Dead, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day. In this market, you can find a token of love starting at MXN $20 and prices can increase up to MXN $10,000, depending on the size of the arrangement and the type of flowers.

Although some florists increase the prices during these special days, up to 50% more, many of them maintain their prices.

The best part is the Jamaica market is open every day, all day.

So support the local economy and show your love to your loved ones with these beautiful Mexican flowers.


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