José José's remains haven't been located

The singer's children said they have been unable to locate the body

Mexican authorities offer help to locate José José's remains
José José died on Saturday after a long battle against pancreatic cancer - Photo: Eric Thayer/REUTERS
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The Mexican government, through its consulate in Miami, has offered to help José José's family to locate his body after two of his children said they don't know where the remains are after the Mexican singer passed away in Miami on Saturday.

The singer's older children, Marysol and José Joel claim that their younger sister, Sarita, refuses to tell them where the body is. After being unable to locate his remains, José José's older children have questioned his death.

Both Marysol and José Joel arrived in Miami to attend their father's funeral, nevertheless, they were unable to locate the remains at a funeral house and the hospital. While they were at the Homestead Hospital, they requested help from the police and said that they haven't been able to get in touch with their younger sister Sarita. They later asked for legal advice at the Miami Police Department.

Sarita, who has the rights over her father's legacy, has yet to reveal where José José's remains are but said that she is organizing homages in Mexico and Miami.

José José died on Saturday after a long battle against pancreatic cancer.


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