President López Obrador

announced his government is getting ready to face a critical stage in the if the situation worsens in the country.

Through a video shared on social media, the Mexican President said his administration is preparing hospitals , beds, and medical equipment in case they are needed.

Moreover, López Obrador ordered the Finance Ministry to allocate resources to the Defense Ministry , so that the army controls at least 10 hospitals in case the worsens.


In the video, the President said: “We are going to treat people at , at the Insabi, the (institutes) operated by state governments (such as) the ISSSTE , IMSS , Pemex , and other (hospitals) that are going to be operated by the army and the navy .”

As of March 22, Mexico had registered 316 and reported 2 deaths.


On March 27, the President announced that the Mexican army and navy will operate 17 hospitals in total, in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak .

The army and the navy will operate and administrate 17 hospitals that were left unfinished by the previous administration and that were recently completed by López Obrador 's administration.


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