“Our peace has been torn by criminals in this country. It’s time for us to protect our families and come with our own solutions. It’s time to hit back.” That is the presentation of , an app that can locate your cellphone even if it is turned off.

The company says that it has spent several years in the development of a realist , exclusive , and non-invasive solution to kidnaps , robbery , and car accidents .

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Planned to respond to emergencies without causing suspicion among criminals, this app asserts it does not modify the regular operation of a cellphone, in addition to using little battery so users should barely know it is installed.

Hammer Security

has functions like:

Finding your cellphone

If you are robbed or lose your cellphone and have this app installed, you only have to log in on their to have access to your microphone, camera, and location at all times.


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Fake shutdown

In case your cellphone is stolen or if you are on a situation in which a criminal tries to turn off your device, Hammer Security will send the live location , pictures , and audio of the criminal to your emergency contacts . This tool works even if your cellphone is turned off.

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Emergency contacts

For the previous function to work, it is important for you to create a list of reliable contacts who will receive a text message with information like your location, pictures, and audio of your situation.

Apps lock

So that you do not have to worry about sensitive information in your cellphone, Hammer Security has an option to block apps with a password and an emergency password, hence, if a criminal forces you to write your password , you can write down the emergency one so that, in automatic and without anyone noticing, your location, pictures, and audio of the criminal are sent to your emergency contacts.


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Panic button

When you are in danger , you can push the volume button for five seconds to notify your emergency contacts .

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Car accidents detector

The app has an algorithm that is able to detect when the user has a car accident in order to send a warning to the emergency contacts with the location.


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Intruder selfie

If someone tries to unblock your cellphone, Hammer Security sends you a selfie of the intruder . This function is not only useful in the case of criminals, but you will also know if someone is trying to invade your privacy .

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Text message in low-battery

When your cellphone has only 5% of battery , this app will notify your emergency contacts.

Hammer Security is a free app that can be downloaded for Android at the .

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