Magnitude 8 earthquake hits Peru

The earthquake was felt around in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador

Magnitude 8 earthquake hits Peru
Aerial view shows the damage caused by the earthquake in the Amazon region - Photo: Guadalupe Pardo/Reuters
English 26/05/2019 13:44 Reuters Lima, Peru Marco Aquino Actualizada 13:51
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Peruvian authorities are assessing the damages caused by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the Peruvian Amazon region on early Sunday, leaving at least one person dead.

Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra left Lima early this morning to survey the damage following the strong earthquake that struck the Loreto region of northern Peru. He later asked Peruvians to stay calm through his Twitter account.

“This is an earthquake of great magnitude, the biggest in 12 years, since 2007,” Vizcarra told reporters.

At least one person in the Cajamarca region was killed after a boulder struck his home, emergency officials said. Peru's National Emergency Center (COEN) said there were at least 11 people injured and more than 50 homes destroyed. Several schools, churches, hospitals, and clinics also reported damages.

The earthquake, rated as one of “intermediate depth” at around 110 kilometers, was felt around the country, and as far off as Colombia and Ecuador.

Intermediate depth earthquakes typically cause less surface damage than shallower tremors. It is important to note that Peru sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” where the majority of the world’s seismic activity occurs.

The earthquake was around 75 km SSE of Lagunas and 180 km east of the town of Moyobamba, the USGS said.

There were local reports of electric power cuts in the cities of Iquitos and Tarapoto, Amazonian towns in the Loreto region of the country. Pictures and videos shared on social media also showed some cracked and damaged walls, homes shaking and a collapsed bridge.

In Ecuador, the quake was strongest near Yantzaza, in that country's Amazon region, causing momentary power outages.

Ecuadorian officials reported at least seven people injured, as well as mudslides and minor damage to homes.


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