With an investment of around 225 million pesos in the last five years , Gayosso group has transformed the Mexican funeral sector into a sustainable industry with lower emissions, zero paper and ecological urns that puts their name high in the care of the environment in Latin America.

This year, the group will invest around 45 million pesos in sustainability and care for the environment. It will also introduce new services and technology to reduce the use of stationery to zero, said Oscar Chávez, director of Gayosso 's Planning.

They are also introducing the first environmental-friendly and biodegradable wicker coffins , the executive said in a statement.

There are also ecological urns , both for sea, rivers, and land . Some of them are made of natural salt , which is meant to disintegrate within 15 minutes of water exposure, and there’s also another type of urn that works as compost for a plant , which helps reforestation.

In addition to that, there is the aquagulation method which, based on hydrolysis (the use of water and chemicals), allows the body to convert into ashes in three hours with a water consumption similar to that used to wash a car, he explained.

Thus, he said, Mexico is at the level of countries like Canada, the United States, Germany, South Africa and England , where death is friendly to life , by transcending new practices that reduce the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and the earth.

Gayosso Group is considered the eighth largest funeral home in the world and is a leader in Mexico because of its multiple services. It has now become an example to follow for the sector as a whole, under the leadership of its CEO, Carlos Lukac.

"We invest around 45 million pesos per year in this type of sustainable products, a niche that already represents 2.0 percent of our funeral services , but which is growing 15 percent annually ," said Óscar Chávez.

In addition to this, the company has carried out sustainable actions, such as the concept of zero paper , through the development of technologies that allow for quotations, contracts, sales and the issuance of invoices without using paper.

In addition, the electrical installations of the mausoleums are being adapted so that they work through sensitivity, there is a water treatment plant and other environmental-friendly systems, he said.


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