Gabriela Ruiz, Mexico's best chef

Seven years ago, in Villahermosa, Tabasco, the chef took her first steps in the culinary world at Gourmet MX

Gabriela Ruiz, Mexico's best chef
Gabriela Ruiz - Photo: Taken from Carmela y Sal's Facebook account
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The culinary guide, "Mexico Gastronómico 2019" includes 120 restaurants in Mexico and it's developed by S. Pellegrino, Nespresso, and Mexican Culinary. The list named Gabriela Ruiz Lugo as the Best Chef of 2019.

Chef Gabriela Ruiz was chosen by the 50 voters from the Mexican Gastronomic Council, after participating in the international competition, which aims to provide young talented chefs with easier ways to access the culinary world and encourage their professional development.

For the chef, being named as the best Mexican chef of 2019  is a great responsibility that has led her to rethink her career, to improve herself as a chef and to be worthy of the award.

"I couldn't believe it, I still have a lot to learn and it's a big responsibility because I admire other chefs who deserve this recognition, those who have thought about me, the voters, it's an honor that fills me with pride," she said.

Gabriela began her life in Tabasco, Mexico, between cacao and plantains; those ingredients would later become the main protagonists of her cuisine and they have also allowed her to bring the flavors of "the Eden" into the world.

Seven years ago, in Villahermosa, Tabasco, the chef took her first steps in the culinary world at Gourmet MX, a company that offered banquets and later became an iconic restaurant in the southeastern part of Mexico. "it is an adventure to be a chef" she said, because of the richness of the ingredients, the humidity, its abundance, and flavors.

She later opened Carmela y Sal in Mexico City, a restaurant that reinforced her role as a talented chef who balances the Spanish and pre-Hispanic influences, but above all, her family's culinary heritage and the flavors that dominated her childhood.

In Carmela y Sal, you can enjoy a dish called “moon earth”, mature bananas filled with beans, which was inspired by the stories her father told her to convince her to eat.

She says that in the future she might open a restaurant in the United States, although she admits that she could not live abroad permanently: "I love living in Mexico, living in Tabasco is one of the most incredible adventures."


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