Facebook to help 7,000 SMEs in Mexico

According to a study, 59% of the Mexican SMEs who were active on Facebook hired more employees since the demand for their products and services had increased since joining the platform

Facebook to help 7,000 SMEs in Mexico
Small businesses increase their sales when they join Facebook - Photo: Dado Ruvic/REUTERS
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In the next five months, Facebook will offer free training to 7,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in 30 different Mexican cities, with the aim to motivate its digitalization.

According to the social media network, digital abilities are more and more relevant for businesses of those sizes, to operate the business, as well as for deciding to hire new employees.

A Facebook survey shows that when the time comes to hire an employee, 76% of small businesses in Mexico consider digital abilities to be more important than the University where they studied.

The digital platform emphasized that, although these abilities are considered more relevant every time, training opportunities are scarce, that's why it wants to help change this by training small and medium businesses through their technological tools.

In this sense, the survey showed that Facebook allows clients to reach them, as 68% of this type of businesses that have a Facebook account have increased their sales since they joined the network.

The “Drive you business” project (Impulsa tu empresa) will train 7,000 small businesses in 30 different cities for free, by teaching them about their tools in order to incorporate themselves to the digital economy, and to grow their businesses and to create jobs.

The social network emphasized that according to a study by Morning Consult Intelligence, 59% of the Mexican SME who are active on Facebook have hired more employees because the demand for their products and services has increased since joining the platform.

Facebook explained that an innovation ecosystem is fundamental to motivate these companies, that's why they're working with the accelerator MassChallende México, to develop and strengthen start-ups with a focus on social media through the Startup Hub CDMX project.

Facebook and MassChallenfe México chose 9 start-ups to receive technical assistance, Facebook Developer Tools training and access to some services and tools from some of our main partners during the 16 weeks-long program”, they said.

One of the selected start-ups is Listopro, a digital platform that helps businesses to hire talented sales representatives quickly and to train the candidates, increasing their chances of being hired.

Facebook also supports innovation through the NUMA Start-Up Mansion in Mexico City, where they offer free working spaces and advise for local start-ups and they are working with the Dev.F programming school to offer free coding classes for 120 students.


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