On March 16, the World Health Organization confirmed cases in 151 countries. Recently, the situation has worsened in countries such as Italy , Iran , Spain , Canada , and the U.S. However, China is registering fewer cases. Additionally, the WHO labeled the coronavirus outbreak a .

Dozens of countries have adopted drastic measures to try and ease the COVID-19 outbreak and prevent it from affecting the majority of the population, which would collapse hospitals.

President Emmanuel Macron said “We’re at war. It is a sanitary war but the enemy is here. Invisible, elusive” when he announced the French government will enforce a quarantine for the majority of the population, who are only allowed to leave home to work, buy groceries, or go to the doctor.


The world was entered a high alert phase but in Mexico , the federal government has decided to implement prevention measures at a slower pace, even when the cases in Mexico are increasing at an alarming pace. On March 16, authorities confirmed 82 cases after confirming 53 on Sunday, 41 on Saturday, and 26 on Friday. In 24 hours, the number increased by 29 cases.

Meanwhile, those who have implemented more aggressive measures to prevent the propagation of the are state and municipal, as well as the private sector, schools, and entertainment centers. Moreover, some local education authorities closed schools today, instead of on March 23, as announced by the federal Education Ministry.

In this case, similarly to what has happened in the last 15 months, the country is taking two paths. Although this time the government is not handling fuel theft, the raffle of a plane, the construction of an airport or oil refinery, it is now facing a that could collapse an inefficient health system and the economy .

What is the best strategy ? To implement serious measures or to ignore the outbreak ?



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