Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) is investigating the death of two in Ontario, Canada after they contracted

The human rights watchdog is investigating Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry and find out if it failed to provide medical attention to the two Mexicans.

The CNDH launched the investigation after the media reported the two deaths on May 31 and June 5 and after it was reported that the Mexican embassy in Canada knew the farmers were sick and failed to help them.

After one of the farmers died in Canada, it was reported that his family was raising funds to r epatriate his body to Mexico. Rogelio Muñoz Santos was 24 years old and died one month after being diagnosed.


It was later reported that the family was in touch with Mexican officials in Canada, who would help them to repatriate the body.

Santiago Escobar,

the head of the United Food and Commercial Workers, explained that all farmworkers who arrive in Canada are granted life insurance and that the Mexican family could receive financial support to repatriate the body and host a funeral.


working at Woodside Greenhouses denounced that they lack protection to face the pandemic .

On June 15, President López Obrador talked to Canadian Prime Minister . During the phone call, Trudeau expressed his condolences after the death of two in Ontario.

According to the Mexican President, around 300 Mexican farmers living in Canada have contracted the novel coronavirus.



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