Coordination among states?

Official sources always make sure to mention how there is cooperation between the three levels of government in security matters yet evidence shows there are coordination issues among peers

Coordination among states?
Law enforcement agents - Photo: Jorge Alvarado/EL UNIVERSAL
English 28/03/2018 08:53 Mexico City Newspaper Leader by EL UNIVERSAL Actualizada 08:53

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The travel advisories issued frequently by the United States so its citizens refrain from visiting certain Mexican cities or regions are – to an extent – understandable since the U.S. Government doesn't have the power to guarantee the safety of its citizens outside of American territory. Mexican agencies usually dismiss said travel advisories and brand them an overreaction of our neighboring country.

Something similar is happening now but at a local level. This Tuesday, the provisional Governor of Nuevo León recommended its people not to travel to Tamaulipas or to do so “excising increased caution” since the state of Tamaulipas has “many insecurity problems.” The statement caused the prompt response of the Tamaulipas Governor, who essentially said that the Nuevo León Governor shouldn't be giving his opinion on what's happening in other states, claiming that there were more robberies and violence in Nuevo León than in Tamaulipas.

Two Governors of neighboring states exchange mutual accusations while insecurity affects important cities of the Northern region – this is not the right message. It seems it matters most to keep the good official image rather than reach agreements to protect the population.

When the Governor of Nuevo León warned its citizens not to visit Tamaulipas, he also said there is a coordination with authorities from the adjacent state, then why not to propose to strengthen cooperation so travelers can move safely between states?

When the Tamaulipas Governor angrily replied that it is Nuevo León who has more cases of violence, why didn't he extend an invitation to the people of Nuevo León to visit tourist attractions in Tamaulipas, offering them a peaceful stay?

Is it possible that this coordination exists in speech only? Perhaps neither governor is able to ensure security in his respective state?

Official sources always make sure to mention how there is coordination between the three levels of government (federal, state, and municipal) in security matters yet the evidence shows there are coordination issues among peers.

If there were better coordination, we could stop, at least, the M.O. criminal groups use for their operations, that is, commit a crime in a state and then find shelter in another. The border regions between Mexico City and the State of Mexico are familiar with this issue.

Instead of two governors entering an exchange of criticisms, governors are expected Governors to place their citizens first. If we had an adequate state-state cooperation in security matters, many regions in Mexico would be able to make a radical change in law enforcement.