The biggest and most popular markets in Mexico City, la Central de Abastos , is visited by hundreds of people every day but now it is joining the digital trend and launched its online store , Click Abasto , its new eCommerce site that will allow you to purchase the best quality and most fresh produce online.

is promoting the purchase and distribution of products from the Central the Abasotos , one of the biggest markets in Mexico . The platform was developed by Up Sí Vale , therefore, cardholders can now purchase fresh vegetables , fruits , and many other products without leaving their homes.

During a press conference, the founder of Click Abasto , María Esther Rodríguez de la Serda , explained that during first three months, the platform had 300 clients , nevertheless, they expect that the number of clients will increase 300%. The platform could soon include other markers and flea markets .

Rodríguez explained that they are currently working with 20 stalls inside the market and that there is free shipping on orders over MXN $399.

How to use Click Abasto?

It is quite easy to use Click Abasto , you just have to create an account, then select the products you want to purchase, and then select a payment method, then it specifies when you will receive your order.

The company said that they register around 300 transactions every day, worth around MXN $770 each but expects a 1.5% growth in the next 12 months.

The Central de Abastos receives products from all the states and over 15 countries and its transactions are worth around USD $9,000 million per year.


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