Yesterday morning, an Argentinian judge ordered the release of businessman Carlos Ahumada Kurtz , a man whose participation in the so-called video scandal in 2004 , who had been detained on Friday after Mexico's Attorney General ( FGR ) requested his detention for alleged fraud .

According to the BBC, Mexican authorities confirmed the released of the businessman .

In Mexico , Ahumada's legal representatives said that the judge had released Ahumada after the businessman presented evidence from a December 2018 audit that showed the issues regarding his 2012 fiscal process had been settled.

The Attorney General's Office has yet to release a statement.

Journalist Salvador García Soto

revealed the businessman had been released by Argentinian authorities . Through his Twitter account , García Soto announced that “ Carlos Ahumada has been released from jail. The Argentinian judge ordered his release at 1 AM because of how 'absurd the case is.' His lawyer presented a closing report from an audit from December 2018 as evidence, in regards to the 2012 tax year , with settled observations.”

Last Friday, the Attorney General's Office announced that the Interpol had issued a red notice against Ahumada , therefore, he was wanted in over 190 countries for tax evasion . The FGR said that the investigation against the businessman started in 2016 and was resumed by the current administration , therefore, it had immediately requested his extradition to Mexico .

On August 13, a judge dismissed the case for being “notoriously inadmissible ,” since the writ of amparo Ahumada requested, against the FGR 's intention to prosecute two investigations where he is accused of extortion , fraud , counterfeit , and the use of f alse documents against Rosario Robles , was filed extemporaneously.

Who is Carlos Ahumada?

Carlos Ahumada

was an emerging businessman who created an empire by opening several businesses in Mexico , which enabled his proximity to the political class in the 90s .

His businesses included aeronautic, sports, mining, energy, construction, media, and business consultancy companies .

After being granted several construction contracts and failing to fulfill the contracts , Ahumada was sued by the Gustavo A. Madero borough.


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