Austerity vs. squandering

Although it is commendable that the government congratulates its female workers, these celebrations should comply with austerity measures

Austerity vs. squandering
Mexico celebrates Mothers' Day on May 10 - Photo: Guillermo Granja/REUTERS
English 23/06/2019 09:48 Mexico City Editorial Actualizada 09:57
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Mexico celebrates Mothers' Day on May 10 and this year, female government workers received different presents from the government institutions they work for. Gifts varied in price, size, and utility.

EL UNIVERSAL carried out an investigation and found that the Mexican government gifted their workers with mariachi serenades, breakfasts, exercise equipment, appliances, TVs, computers, jewelry, purses, gift cards, as well as the hiring of party venues and hotels to celebrate the occasion.

The government institutions that spent money to celebrate Mothers' Day this year included the lower chamber, the Senate, the Bank of Mexico, the Superior Audit Office, Bansefi, the Administrative Justice Tribunal, the Postal Service, the Postgraduate College, the National Banking and Securities Commission, as well as the Interior and Culture ministries.

Although it is commendable that the government recognizes and congratulates its female workers, it is essential to emphasize that these celebrations should comply with the austerity measures proclaimed as key to change the country.

Besides celebrating the mothers who work for the government, public institutions will also celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day on July 17. Certain government institution will celebrate by gifting 165 employees with silver and pearl bracelets that were commissioned to a prestigious fine jewelry company.

It is alarming how some public institutions are spending the money they were allocated, especially when the federal government decided to implement austerity measures and use Republican austerity as its banner. Moreover, austerity has compromised culture and health.

While public programs that benefit Mexican society have been affected by budget and staff cuts, other sectors seem to have additional resources. The federal administration has to be consistent.


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