The virtual President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, claims that his monthly net salary will be MXN $108 thousand pesos, this is MXN $1, 296,000 a year. He called everyone, including Congress members and members of the judicial branch, to comply with the mandate that prohibits that any official earns more than the President.

The mandate says “this can be applied in both the legislative branch and the judicial branch...that there's no congressman, senator, or minister that makes more than the President”, that's why he will propose to modify the constitutional article 127 of the Mexican constitution, to make it “of universal implementation”.

Everyone in the government who earns over one million pesos per month will have to adjust their finances to the maximum established by the new administration.

Currently, President Peña Nieto earns MXN $270, 000

between his salary, compensations, among other things. López Obrador said “I'm going to earn MXN $108, 000 per month” and added that he's “ not a radical, I'm moderate”.

He explained that he's asked certain people, who earn more, to join his administration but they're interested in joining the “forth transformation” and with this moderate maximum they could accept joining his team.

“If the Constitution establishes that nobody can earn more than the president, it has to be complied with and we're all compelled to respect the law . I'm going to send this reform proposal to the Chamber of Deputies along with the new budget and the Chamber will decide… I have the moral commitment to apply republican austerity”, he said.

If this is the case, anyone will be able to demand their rights (labor) if they consider that they're being violated; he added that there's “freedom” and in the event of lawsuits “that's what the tribunals are for”.

In his conference, López Obrador defined his general principles to fight corruption and his Republican Austerity policy , in 50 points that should mark his administration, “it's going to break with the traditional political scheme” , he affirmed.

These points, as EL UNIVERSAL reported last Friday, will limit the use of public resources for the payment of advisers, travel allowance, and airfares; and will prohibit working in the government while drunk.



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