51 years after the Tlatelolco massacre

The protest to commemorate the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre represents a huge challenge for López Obrador 's administration and Mexico City mayor Claudia Sheinbaum after people wearing masks have destroyed stores and monuments during protests, nevertheless, authorities haven't stopped them. We've been told that business leaders have demanded protection from the local and federal governments so that anarchist groups don't cause any more damages. On the other hand, authorities are worried about the protesters' human rights , which fits into what is expected from leftist officials . But what about the rights of society ? We will see if the security measures were the best choice later today.

Are they anarchists or not?


groups have become a challenge but there is also confusion about them, especially when the federal government doesn't know how to identify them. While President López Obrador says they're not anarchists , but conservatives, for the Interior Ministry , they are anarchists . The Interior Undersecretary, Ricardo Peralta , identified these groups as people who want to destabilize the protests and that they have been identified as anarchists . So are they anarchists or not? This wouldn't be the first time the President and the Undersecretary have different opinions .

The church vs. abortion

After women have protested to demand the right to legal, safe, and free abortion in Mexico , the Mexican episcopate , led by archbishop Rogelio Cabrera López , is getting ready to launch an attack to “ protect life ”. Through social media , the Catholic elite told legislators that creating laws to promote the death of “ unborn children ” would cause the decay of morality . Other pro-life organizations, led by the National Front for the Family , are creating a plan to halt Morena 's intentions to decriminalize abortion throughout the country. We've been told that they will organize protests, such as the ones organized in 2016 when former President Peña Nieto proposed equal marriage .

The time has come

The time has come. Today, the Budget and Finance commission in the lower chamber, led by Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar and Patricia Terrazas , will discuss the controversial 2020 Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution , which will be voted on October 15 . We've been told that the business industry is worried about the aggressive measures proposed and are afraid that taxpayers could be criminalized . We've been told that business leaders know that the government has to raise more taxes but accountants , experts , outsourcing companies , those who sell catalog products, fintech companies, and others are worried that this strategy will go too far. They fear that if the voices of the private sector are ignored, the goal of preventing abuses , fighting false invoices, the measures could discourage the creation of jobs. We've been told that it's important for lawmakers to listen to experts and business owners to find a balance between punishing crimes and the flexibility companies need in the face of changing markets . Balance is complicated but necessary.


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