Early this Sunday, close to 30 police officers of the community of Ocampo, Michoacán were arrested for having alleged ties with criminal groups and their possible involvement in the murder of Fernando Ángeles Juárez , the candidate running for Mayor of Ocampo for the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD).

The surprise operation was led by the Deputy Office of Public Security (SSP) of Michoacán and among the arrested officials is the director of the Ocampo Police Department , Óscar González García, identified by state authorities as one of the officers who resisted arrest.

High-ranking officials of the SSP Michoacán informed that it was necessary for the Deputy Office to intervene after the “humiliation” of the Public Security Director, Venancio Colín, whose first attempt last Saturday at arresting the local cops and transferring them to Morelia to be investigated failed.

According to sources at the SSP Michoacán, Colín was “chased out in a hail of bullets by no more than 16 Ocampo cops, despite he commanded over 60 officers of the State Police,” reason why a new operation had to be launched.

According to the proceeding, the arrested Ocampo officers will appear before the Internal and Legal Affairs Commission of the SSP to be investigated by the corresponding authorities.


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