As Britain advances its exit from the European Union , British and Mexican officials began an informal dialogue to establish a " transitional agreement " to maintain free trade between the parties, British trade secretary Liam Fox said.

During his visit to Mexico , the official said that they will write a new chapter with Mexico, but now they will have complete independence to determine the free trade conditions they will settle with other countries, something which was not possible while they were part of the European bloc .

He said that there is a strong relationship between the two countries and it will grow even more. For example, there is interest from investors in the oil, manufacturing, tourism, food and beverage sectors to participate even more in the Mexican market.

In this regard, Britain's ambassador to Mexico, Duncan Taylor , said that an informal working group was established to ensure a smooth transition because when they leave the European Union they hope not to lose the tariff preferences they have enjoyed so far.

The diplomat said that investments in Mexico will continue, especially in the energy sector, and what may happen with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, Mexico, and the United States will not influence their accords.


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