The 45th edition of the Festival Internacional Cervantino or International Cervantes Festival (FIC) will take place from October 11 to 29 in the state of Guanajuato and receive France and the State of Mexico as guest country and state, respectively. This festival will have two thematic axes: the centenary of the Russian Revolution and the 100 years of the Mexican Constitution . It will be carried out with an investment of MXN$88 million and a reduction of the federal budget of 2.2% .

During an official ceremony, which took place in the Main Hall of the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City , it was announced that 2.500 artists from 35 countries will perform, offering 180 shows in Guanajuato and 20 states more.

Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Ghana, Greece, Guinea, Hungary, India, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, United Kingdom, Estonia, Tyva Republic, China, Russia and Venezuela

are some of the participating countries.

"The festival is a team effort and is done well in anticipation because there are companies that must be invited in advance," said Marcela Diez , head of the festival.

She also informed that 682 international artists will attend and among them stand out the French. "The international program is really numerous," commented Diez.

The inauguration will be in charge of the French group Dionysos and the closing ceremony will be carried out b y Eugenia León and the Symphony Orchestra Mexiquense.

The French delegation will present 300 artists with about 30 shows , with groups such as Ballet Marseille, Les Siécles, Les Cris de Paris , among others.

For its part, the State of Mexico will carry 10 shows among which the presence of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of Mexico stands out.


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