Flying to India from Mexico will be easier

Aeroméxico and Jet Airways signed a code-sharing agreement

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Aeroméxico and Indian Jet Airways now have a shared code and frequent flyer program due to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

What is a shared code? It is a single flight operated by 2 or more airlines (each of them has their own flight number).

What is the benefit for Mexican passengers? In theory, it will be easier to fly to India and other destinations where Jet Airways operate because Aeroméxico's route networks were expanded; there will be less paperwork in the search of flights, purchase of tickets, documentation, and seat assignments. Passengers will no longer have to travel to the United States (an advantage if you do not have a visa) because connecting flights will be in European cities, like Amsterdam, Paris or London. Stops are supposedly shorter and luggage is picked up in your final destination. Frequent flyer miles can be validated with the allied company.

The Memorandum was signed by Andrés Condesa, Managing Director of Aeroméxico and Naresh Goyal, President of Jet Airways, during the IATA Annual General Meeting celebrated in Cancún. Both companies will provide their flights with shared code through their common airports in Europe, like Schiphol in Amsterdam, Heathrow in London and Charles De Gaulle in Paris.

Aeroméxico will use the code “AM” in direct flights offered by Jet Airways from London to Delhi and Mumbai. For its part, Jet Airways will use the code “9W” on the flights operated by Aeroméxico from Heathrow in London to Mexico City.

The agreement will enable a better connectivity and access to combined network routes from both companies, as well as a better tourist exchange between Mexico and India.

The code-shared tickets will be available by the end of the year and members from the frequent flyer program will enjoy more benefits.


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