A group of 17 ambassadors in Mexico will join the LGBT Pride March in Mexico City next Saturday .

The diplomats were convinced that “all persons and families must be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity,” and assured that they “take their role seriously" as defenders of equal human rights “for everyone.”

“Saturday will be a day to celebrate family role, community strength , and the importance of respect to diversity . It is a celebration in which we will gladly participate,” said the ambassadors. Among them are the diplomat from the United States, Roberta Jacobson, Viktor Elbing , from Germany and Pierre Alarie , from Canada.

David Engel

, the Australian ambassador; Eva Hager , from Austria; Hans Christian Kint , from Belgium; Henrik Bramsen Hahn , from Denmark; Luis Fernández-Cid , the Spanish ambassador; Roy Eriksson , from Finland; Anne Grillo , from France; Sonja Hyland , the Irish ambassador and Merethe Nergaard , from Norway, will also join them.

As well as Margriet Leemhuis , ambassador from The Netherlands; Lucy Duncan , business manager from New Zealand; Duncan Taylor, the British ambassador; Annika Thunborg , from Sweden; Andrew Standley , of the European Union and Jan Jarab , Representative in Mexico of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights .


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