Eva Cadena, local deputy who was captured on video receiving money for far-left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), said that the bonuses that the legislators of that party in the state of Veracruz supposedly do not receive, are used to finance the tours of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

However, the legislator did not cite the leader of MORENA by name.

"MORENA assumes the same practices as the rest of the parties," Cadena said at a press conference, who also said she will file a complaint for "irregular public financing of campaigns in Veracruz."

The congresswoman said that the coordinator of MORENA in the Chamber of Deputies, Rocío Nahle, is the financial operator of Andres Manuel López Obrador, and that after the videos where she is showed receiving half a million pesos in cash were made public, she spoke with the federal deputy, who asked Cadena to detach herself from AMLO.

In a press conference, the legislator – subject to a process of immunity removal - said she is the victim of a trap, because MORENA used her as an alibi to hide the irregularities that the party commits to seek resources additional to public funding.

"The financing of parties does not comply with what the law determines. In the Congress of Veracruz, the bonuses that are supposedly not received by the deputies of MORENA, are received, and they are used to finance the activities and visits of López Obrador."

She said that those resources have an irregular origin and are used discreetly thus they are not reported to the electoral authority.

She also noted that the public resources received by MORENA Coordinator at the Congress of Veracruz, Amado Cruz Malpica, are used to pay "ghost" advisers who are actually candidates in the current electoral process.

However, when asked about the name of the person who handed her the half a million pesos, Cadena said she did not remember and that it would be the Prosecutor's Office of Veracruz that discloses her identity.


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