A material already well-known and heard, and which transcended the history of music, but with a new approach, some kind of a keyboard ode to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), is "Los Caminos del Teclado” (The Roads of the Keyboard), in which Mexican flutist Horacio Franco recorded with Israeli cellist, Asaf Kolerstein.

The album, which will be presented to the public next May 31 in the Simón Bolivar auditorium of the Old College of San Ildefonso, in Mexico City, is music for keyboard by Bach, put into two instruments, only this time, according to Franco himself, the challenge was great, given the difficulty that sometimes the unnatural or complicated combination of cello and flute bring, but also says that, in the end, they chose works that adapted very well.

He added that what they do is offer adaptations of Bach's music but in two instruments, as he did not, but they were very frequent at the time when Bach himself composed and lived, added the Mexican flutist, who recalled that the composer made adaptations of his own works and re-instrumented them for his performances.

The 20-piece album, which will be presented at a free concert, was conceived for the harpsichord, where both musicians adapt their instruments, flute and cello.

None of the works are changed in tone and the ranges that the keyboard covers have been respected to the maximum; This adaptation implies a technical difficulty for the two instruments when transferring the keyboard language to them.


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