Poinsettia growers in the state of Morelos achieved a new Guinness Record by tailoring the “Largest Floral Carpet in the World” covering 153,000 square feet with a center design of a giant poinsettia which included over 130,000 flowers.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food Production (SAGARPA), over 720 people, including designers, landscapers and flower producers, participated in the creation of the original flowery carpet.

Thirteen Poinsettia varieties, including “hot pink”, “prestige red”, “orange spice” and “polar bear”, among others, were grown in the state of Morelos with the aim of having them used in the creation of the mammoth carpet that featured a design from Mexican architect and director of landscaping of Gardens of Mexico, Óscar Jiménez de León.

The agency noted that the record was held by flower producers from Kiev, Ukraine, since last August 26 with a floral carpet of 140,000 square feet.

Morelos is ranked as the first Poinsettia producer of Mexico, followed by Michoacán and Puebla.

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