5 people carrying drugs arrested in Sonora

Members of the National Commission of Security chased a vehicle in the Santa Ana- Altar roadway in the state of Sonora and secured high-caliber weapons and marijuana packages

Photo: Archive / EL UNIVERSAL
English 11/12/2016 15:57 Sonora Actualizada 15:57
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Five people carrying high-caliber weapons and marijuana were arrested by members of the Federal Police in Sonora, after a suspicious vehicle was spotted in the Santa-Ana roadway.

The driver ignored the police request for a vehicle inspection and a chase broke out for over 12 miles, until the Federal Police were able to detain and arrest the five people inside the vehicle, who are already at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office of the state.

A detailed inspection of the vehicle allowed the police to secure five high-caliber weapons, a revolver, sixteen chargers, cartridges of fire arms exceeding 300 and twenty-two drug packages of marijuana of over 190 kilos, two radio communication equipments and tactical equipment were also seized.

Additionally, the vehicle where the suspects were arrested is currently reported as stolen in the Department of Homeland Security of the U.S.

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