Elderly man sedated and robbed on bus

Three assailants are seen on surveillance footage sedating the man, robbing him and leaving him unconscious.

English 04/11/2016 15:11 Actualizada 15:11
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An elderly man was drugged and robbed while traveling on a bus from Queretaro to Toluca on September 25, in a new modus operandi for criminals to rob people on public transportation.

According to a video presented by Denise Maerker, a columnist for EL UNIVERSAL, the victim is seen carrying two briefcases and a long object onto the semi-empty bus and is followed by the criminal and two other people at around 5:11 am.

During the bus ride, the criminal is seen talking with the victim and at around 5:35 am, offers the man something that appears to be food. 20 minutes later, the victim falls asleep and the criminal proceeds to rob him. He then changes seats and and joins his accomplices.

A few minutes before 10:00 am, at the Toluca terminal, the elderly man, who's completely drugged, was carried off the bus by two employees, who took him to the waiting area at the terminal.

This unsettling story comes after a spike this year in robberies, murders and even cases of rape on public transportation in the country.  

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